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Since our first time on our Uncle's lobster boat we were hooked. Brendan and I grew up on the water in Cape Elizabeth, Maine where we were introduced to the lobster industry by our uncle Ted who was a commercial lobsterman. We would work in the summer months for him, compensated in old, beat up lobster traps that we would fix and put back together. By the time we were 9 years old, we were harvesting lobsters from our own boat and fishing traps which we had earned the season before. We never knew it as kids, but growing up and working on the water in a coastal community gave us both the insight and appreciation for the simpler things in life. It also gave us the perseverance and imagination to found Catch a Piece of Maine. It seemed natural, as lobstermen from the age of nine, that our dream of earning a living from the sea would come true. Our passion for the sea continued, and with each year we gained more knowledge and experience with how the lobster industry worked.

Years later, Brendan and I were fortunate enough to have had the opportunity to attend college and reluctantly headed off to school with the desire to return home to the sea. We graduated in 2004, both with degrees in business from Northeastern University and Stonehill college.

We remained determined to make a difference for Maine, the lobster industry, and traditions we love so much. Brendan and I have been extremely fortunate to live our dream and follow our desires of becoming Maine lobstermen. We now are able to share our passions with others throughout the country educating others on the industry we love so much. -John Ready

40 Commercial St Portland, ME 04101 United States 877-222-4630

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