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FAQ's about our Premium Partnership Trap

Q: Do I get the actual lobsters caught from my trap?
A: You can if you would like to request them, but to ensure you receive the freshest possible lobster, we can substitute the actual lobsters with the most recent lobsters caught from your private lobsterman. Therefore you always receive lobsters caught from your lobsterman and you can see the location and the date that they were caught.

Q: What is a lobster credit?
A: Each lobster that is caught in your personal trap represents one lobster credit. Your trap works like a bank. Each time your trap catches a lobster, your account is credited with one lobster credit. Therefore your account will grow as your trap continues to catch lobsters. Each lobster credit represents the amount of lobsters you have readily available to ship. As you ship lobsters from your account, your account balance decreases.

Q: What am I going to do with 52+ lobsters?
A: Our program is extremely flexible. Use your lobsters throughout the year for special dinner parties to entertain guests, birthdays, anniversaries, or send out as gifts to friends, family, or business clients.

Q: What if I want to ship lobsters but don't have enough in my account?
A: We are extremely flexible. You may call or email your request and we will advance more lobsters into your account. This will create a negative balance into your account. We let you advance up to the 52 lobster guarantee. Any additional lobsters may be purchased for 249.00 per additional 4 lobster feast.

Q: How do I ship my lobster?
A: Simply go onto the website and log-on to your personal account. Simply provide the name, shipping address, and date on the shipping page and we will send them overnight.

Q: Why is this sustainable?
A: Our harvesting practices consist of a trap fishery where we have little to no by-catch of other species. We only keep the lobsters that fit into the legal size range, therefore throwing back the lobsters too small and too large. We do no damage to the bottom of the ocean with our traps unlike dragging or netting. The little lobsters rely on our traps for food as they eat the bait. We let them feed and release them back into the wild until they reach harvestable size. The large lobsters are released because they have an amazing ability to reproduce millions of eggs. Also, at Catch a Piece of Maine our lobstermen all provide video footage and data that supports GMRI's effort to educate our youth. Our donation to GMRI allows 5th and 6th grade students to see the value and importance of our industry. We believe education is the foundation for preservation.

Q: How do I know my trap caught that many lobsters? How do I know my trap didn't catch more?
A: Our lobstermen are committed to the values tradition and integrity, always taking the extra step of careful record keeping or your trap. Over the past 3 years, we have been tracking our traps performance and found each trap to average between 40 to 50 lobsters. We would love for all of our trap owners to visit and tour our operation and procedure to understand first hand our values.

Q: How do I know my lobsterman caught the lobsters I received?
A: Each lobsterman has a specific lobster band color that is placed around the claws of the lobster. Each lobsterman also has a personal holding space in our lobster tank where their lobsters are stored with tags detailing the date of harvest. Therefore we can tell who caught your lobsters and the date that they were harvested.

Q: We are interested in participating. How many lobsters do you expect each time the trap is pulled and how often do you pull the pots? Are they shipped each time the pots are pulled or batched together? When do you start the season? It looks like fun.
A: . I personally have been recording my catch for the past 3 years and basically I average pulling the trap 2 times per week. Our traps are set May 1st. May and June the weather is unpredictable and we check the trap 1-2 times per week, expecting to catch a lobster every other pull. From May to December, we have 8 months of fishing (32 weeks). Your trap will be checked around 70-80 times, averaging a little over a lobster caught every other pull. All my traps average between 40-60 lobsters caught. We guarantee 52. You can choose to receive your lobsters anytime you want. We ship the lobsters in increments of 4 (for shipping efficiency). You may ship your lobster every time your account reaches 4 lobsters or continue to let your trap catch more lobsters and let your account build up and use the lobsters at your flexibility. The lobstermen at Catch a Piece of Maine are great guys. We really want to bring you into our community and share the fun and excitement. Will guarantee the freshest and best quality seafood, but the real value in my opinion is the ongoing relationship and experience you will have with our community. Also, we offer all partners the opportunity to visit us in Maine and go out with one of our captains to see first hand how we harvest our product.

Q: What if I don't use all my lobsters from my trap during the year? Can I use them next year?
A: Yes. You may choose to send your lobsters anytime you want. If you don't use all your lobsters during the year, then your account balance rolls over into next year and you may use them at your convenience.

Q: What if I want to be become a partner but I can't afford the entire trap, but I still want to participate?
A: We have many partners who have purchased a trap with friends, family, or employees together to split the cost and share the benefits. It works great for friends, co-workers, or family members to share a trap. Everyone can join the fun and excitement of monitoring the catch and receive gourmet lobster feasts throughout the season. 

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