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Education Outreach
We believe education is the cornerstone of preservation

Catch a Piece of Maine will donate a percentage of the profits to the Gulf of Maine Research Institute (GMRI), a strategic marine research and education organization serving the Gulf of Maine and its watershed. GMRI will apply these funds to expanding its hands-on marine science program that engages 5th or 6th grade students from every town in Maine. Students will practice the scientific method, using it to learn about the pivotal role that lobsters play in Maine’s marine ecosystem and economy.

The lobsterman of Catch a Piece of Maine provide live video feeds direct from their boats through onboard webcams to the children at GMRI. We hope to educate the children about the sustainable aspects of our industry and the importance of protecting our resource. We truly believe education is the cornerstone of preservation.

We support the Susan L. Curtis Foundation. Our partnership will allow campers to track the catch online and interact with the lobstermen. Through an onboard webcam, the children will observe the catch as its landed, and witness the adventure, skill, and determination so fundamental in lobstering. The mission of the Susan L. Curtis Foundation is to build the individual character, self-confidence, and self-esteem of the economically disadvantaged Maine children through the provision of tuition free, high quality camping, educational, and social

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