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Captain Pete Barton

Boat Name: Hootin N' Haulin

I first became interested in lobstering while helping Captain Curt's younger brother on his boat. Later that year I acquired my lobster license, got a boat, and started fishing. My first boat was named the Green Monster, an old wooden skiff, and I bought it for 300 dollars.

As they say, "you get what you pay for", the Green Monster proved to be a very leaky vessel. I made it through my first season and was able to save enough money to buy more traps and upgrade to a better boat.

That winter, in high school technology class, I built my current boat; Hootin' 'N Haulin'. I now haul 150 traps by hand out of my skiff, and enjoy fishing, "up in the bushes" (shallow waters) where the nice lobsters hide.

I look forward to each day of lobstering, and to each year in which I can grow my business, learn more tricks of the trade, and catch more and more lobsters. I wouldn't give up the job of lobstering for a million bucks!

40 Commercial St Portland, ME 04101 United States 877-222-4630

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