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Catch a Piece of Maine was created, with the help of family, friends, and fellow lobstermen, in part as a response to the financial realities of the lobstering industry and as a means to introduce you to our traditions, trade and the sea. Through Catch a Piece of Maine we have toppled the barriers between lobsterman and consumer, allowing those who love to eat the freshest most delicious lobster a chance to get to know the dedicated lobsterman who harvests their dinner. Bringing the consumer closer to the dock allows us to sell direct so that we as lobsterman earn a premium and effectively preserve the traditional working waterfront.

We as lobsterman are all stewards of the sea; always making sure today’s catch is available for tomorrow’s lobsterman. Our industry exemplifies hard work, tradition, heritage, and sustainability. We pride ourselves on our eco-friendly manner of harvesting, producing little to no by-catch and enforcing strict laws to allow the release of all lobsters too small and too large. Lobstering is hard work and capital intensive, requiring boats that cost as much as a house, on top of equipment, traps and fuel. In the past several years the price of bait and fuel has tripled while we’ve watched our working waterfront slowly disapear.

According to the Island Institute 2007 Access Report, of the 5,300 miles of the Maine coast, only 20 miles remain as working waterfront. As the next generation of Maine lobstermen it is both our honor and obligation to preserve and share this heritage. We love the ocean and the way of life it offers. We can’t imagine working anywhere else and we want to share our passion with our Catch a Piece of Maine partners while offering fresh caught lobsters that they can ship to themselves, clients or family.

There's nothing like waking up before dawn and watching the sun rise as the first trap is hauled over the rail. We share a camaraderie and mutual respect for the sea with our friends and family, many who have also lobstered their entire lives. It's in our blood. There's nothing else that matches the challenge, thrill, and passion we feel when we're out on the water. Founders Story

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